Kevin Cheng of Aerokev Photography is the photographer for Soulful Organics and Karma Soultra. This is a guest post about his last overseas trip in Tokyo.

Fitbit Charge HR

As part of my weight loss regime, I invested in a Fitbit Charge HR to help me keep track of my physical activities. That was five days ago and let’s just say there has been more than a few head desk moments.  I mean, the basic stuff works as far as I can tell...

Hay Fever Weather

Even though its Autumn in Melbourne you can still suffer from hay fever and there’s plenty of ways to help you breathe easily.

Soulful Organic Recipes

Beyond making hot tea, Soulful Organics teas can be used for a variety of other drinks. Check these out!

A Few Of Our Favourite Places

When we have to head out for a bite to eat or a drink, these are some of our favourite places.